What Problems Can Be Corrected Using Endoscopic Bariatric Surgery Techniques?

Weight gain, reflux, and abdominal pain after bariatric surgery are problems that can be corrected using endoscopic bariatric surgery techniques; these procedures may be the perfect solution to repair issues from prior bariatric surgery.

Dialated Gastric Outlet Endoscopic Surgery Treatment

Dilated Gastric Outlet Repair/Dilated Pouch Repair

After undergoing gastric bypass surgery, it’s possible for the stomach to stretch out. This may allow you to eat more food and contribute to weight gain over time. Endoscopic repair of the defective gastric pouch can stop weight gain, and keep you on track for losing weight.

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gastro gastric fistula repair

Gastro-gastric Fistula Repair

In some cases, the separated part of your stomach may reconnect with your new stomach (gastric pouch). This may occur because of inflammation or changes in blood flow. This communication is called a fistula. Usually, surgery is necessary to correct this defect, but our new endoscopic procedures can close the fistula and restore the gastric bypass anatomy.

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gastric sleeve leak

Gastric Sleeve Leak, Esophageal Leak, Gastro-cutaneous Leak

Sometimes changes in tissue healing or difficulty with wound closure may allow openings through which ingested contents can leak. This can be very dangerous, and leads to infection and organ damage. We can treat this condition endoscopically to help close the leak.

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ulcer oversew

Ulcer Over-sew After Gastric Surgery

After weight loss surgery, you may develop ulcers that cause pain or bleeding. Although typically treated with antacid medications, some ulcers may persist and require further intervention or surgery. Dr. Shaikh can repair these ulcers with advanced endoscopic techniques.

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removal repair lap-band

Removal & Repair of Eroded Dysfunctional Gastric Lap Band

After undergoing band-related surgery, some patients may experience nausea, vomiting, persistent abdominal pain, or weight gain. This may be due to an eroded gastric lap band. Over time, the band may slip, cause erosions, or make a hole through the stomach wall. Although this can be treated by surgical means, Dr. Shaikh may be able to remove the lap band through the mouth- avoiding major surgery.

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gastric sleeve reduction repair

Gastric Sleeve Reduction/Repair

Over time the gastric sleeve can stretch allowing for a larger capacity stomach, this may take away from the restriction intended from the gastric sleeve. Using anesthesia (the patient does not feel or remember the procedure) a tube with suturing equipment is passed through the mouth to identify areas of dilation in the gastric sleeve.

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